Star Trek: Discovery Reveals First Crossover With Kelvin Timeline Movies

Star Trek Beyond

The future of Star Trek on the big screen remains shrouded in uncertainty, with Noah Hawley recently admitting that his movie wasn’t going to happen in the immediate future after Paramount placed the project on the back burner, while nobody involved in the Kelvin timeline seems to have a clue what’s going on, despite the willingness of the cast to return.

Luckily for fans of the long-running sci-fi franchise, though, Star Trek is in rude health on the small screen. Executive producer Alex Kurtzman has mapped out adventures until 2027 at least that encompass everything from Discovery and Picard to the animated Lower Decks, while spinoff Brave New Worlds starts filming next summer and the kid-friendly Prodigy will debut on Nickelodeon in a few months.

Of course, Kurtzman is no stranger to the cinematic side of Star Trek, either, having co-written and produced J.J. Abrams’ first two installments, and for the very first time, Discovery is set to cross over with the Kelvin timeline in an upcoming episode. Filmmaker David Cronenberg makes his return as Kovich in the next installment, revealing a character named Yor as a time traveler who visited the year 2379 from another dimension opened by a Romulan mining vessel.

As explains:

Kovich discusses Georgiou’s deteriorating condition with Dr. Culber. [He] has answers. Kovich shows Culber a virtual rendering of Yor, an individual wearing an early Star Trek: The Next Generation-era Starfleet uniform. Kovich explains that Yor is a “time soldier” who traveled forward in time to 2379. What makes him unique is that he also traveled across from an alternate dimension spawned by a Romulan mining vessel’s time incursion.

That’s a direct reference to the Narada, the ship captained by Eric Bana’s Nero in the 2009 blockbuster, after he piloted his craft into the Kelvin universe to try and settle a score with Zachary Quinto’s younger version of Spock. So far, Discovery has occupied a separate corner of the Star Trek mythology to everything we’ve seen unfold in the movies, but now that the connective tissue has been established, we could be getting all sorts of crossovers between the disparate timelines.