Star Trek Legend William Shatner Recruited For Animated Horror Flick Malevolent


William Shatner is primed to go boldly where no scaredy-cat has gone before: the sub-genre of animated horror. That’s according to The Hollywood Reporter, who brings word that the Star Trek veteran has inked a deal to lend his vocal chords to Malevolent.

Joining Firefly and Homeland alum Morena Baccarin for the part, Shatner will voice Overseer, the booming narrator that will help tie the dark story strands together. Described as “the world’s first full-on animated horror feature film, Malevolent is a twisted, blood-soaked horror/sci-fi thriller a la Saw meets Groundhog Day.”

Centering around a group of four siblings who are pulled back to their ancestral home after their father learns that his days are numbered, Malevolent is a family-centric horror yarn with a twist. Keen to enact revenge on his offspring, what the elderly father fails to realize is that so-called intergalactic gamblers interrupt the family reunion by placing bets on each member and generally stoking the fire. Ray Wise plays the role of the bitter old man, while Baccarin is set to voice Gamemaster, “an otherworldly entity” that spawns the familial fighting in the first place.

Bill Moseley completes the cast of Malevolent, though Coverage Ink Films is yet to nail down a formal release date for the animated horror at this time.

Malevolent follows the story of four siblings who are called upon when their evil, estranged father finds out he is dying. He announces to his children that he plans to set out his will, but the will is a guise to get them together so that he may exact revenge on his offspring. The father’s plans go awry when intergalactic gamblers take an interest in the situation, waging bets on the family’s in-fighting.