Star Trek Beyond Trailer Images Leak Online

The full trailer leaked last week, but it was in German and didn’t last long before being removed by the uploader. Still, it did provide these screenshots which give us a look at the returning Zachary Quinto as Mr. Spock, and two alien characters, one of whom is Kingsman: The Secret Service actress Sofia Boutella.

We know next to nothing about Boutella’s role, but she is working with the crew of the Enterprise and if you watched the trailer, you’d see that she also kicks some major ass. Even less is known about the other handsome fella, but he definitely seems to be a villain. Is it possible that he’s the mysterious character Idris Elba is playing? Whoever he is, he bears somewhat of a resemblance to the Jem’Hadar: the genetically engineered warrior race from the Gamma Quadrant that were introduced in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

Hopefully more will become clear with the release of the official trailer, which is set to screen with Star Wars: The Force Awakens and should be online later this week.

Star Trek Beyond is directed by Justin Lin and stars Chris Pine as Captain James T. Kirk, Zachary Quinto as Commander Spock, Karl Urban as LCDR Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy, Simon Pegg as LCDR Montgomery “Scotty” Scott, John Cho as LT Hikaru Sulu, Zoe Saldana as LT Nyota Uhura, Anton Yelchin as Ensign Pavel Chekov, Idris Elba as the film’s villain, and Sofia Boutella as the mysterious alien seen above. The movie is set for release on July 22, 2016.