Star Trek’s Alice Eve Reveals Interest In Taking On A Marvel Movie Role

Alice Eve

These days, everyone wants to star in a Marvel movie. With even Ant-Man grossing upwards of $500 million worldwide, you can’t really blame any actor for wanting to get in on that sort of action, and now Star Trek Into Darkness star Alice Eve is the latest to express an interest in working with the studio.

She was actually courted for the role of Emma Frost in X-Men: First Class a few years back, with rumours later pointing to her being considered for the roles of both Enchantress and Peggy Carter in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


Those may not have worked out, but after starring alongside Chris Evans in his directorial debut Before We Go, you have to believe that Eve’s chances of being cast in one of these Marvel movies just significantly increased.

“You know I’m a huge fan of the Marvel movies. They obviously are hugely important in our society right now and the ability to kind of innovate cinema has been amazing. I think everyone into them should be grateful for them for reviving such an interest in it. It’s like a cult following on a massive scale now with these movies. So yeah, I’m a huge fan of theirs and I think Kevin [Feige] is an incredibly talented man who has turned this thing around. So, yeah if the thing was right, I’d love to talk to them.”

Who could she play? Well, it’s fair to say that Eve would be an ideal choice to take on the role of Captain Marvel in the character’s upcoming film. She certainly has the right look, and the actress is actually someone that Marvel fans have been fantasy casting in the role for years now.

Here’s hoping Kevin Feige and company take note of her interest anyway, as she would be a great addition to this world.