Star Wars Legend Mark Hamill Says He Might Be Quitting Twitter


Star Wars legend Mark Hamill is a popular presence on Twitter. So, you can understand the fear among his 3.6 million followers that he could follow through on his threat (for want of a better word) to quit tweeting for good.

Yesterday, he wrote the below message, which sent fans into a panic:

I know exactly what he means. Social media, and in particular, Twitter, is incredibly addictive. Unfortunately for someone in my position, it’s more or less impossible to build a profile in the film journalism industry unless you engage with it. That’s not something Mark has to concern himself with, though.

After years in relative public obscurity, the Sequel Trilogy has put the actor firmly back in the spotlight. I mean, I doubt he relies on social media to get him gigs. Whatever his reasons for considering taking a break from the platform, he’s suddenly got a lot of people talking about him. But perhaps that was the plan all along?

If you want to offer your own spectacularly speculative speculations, now is the time to do so. Wrong answers are as encouraged as serious ones. For instance: Is Hamill joining the burgeoning real-life real-losers Jedi cult? Is he starting his own Hamillology sect? Has he grown weary of his Earthly existence and signed up to Space X’s Mars program? Or is he just fed up of desperate superfans banging on the bathroom door for his autograph? I wouldn’t know. To get more answers though, I’ll do what all good 21st century journalists do and encourage a social media pile-on. Bring me deets Satan’s horde. Star Wars fans have a right to know.

That’s all your demonic sci-fi content for today. Just don’t pin the mess that follows on me. I was never here.