Star Wars Celebration Bound For Chicago In 2019


For its special 20th anniversary, the one-of-a-kind Star Wars Celebration is uprooting for Chicago, where McCormick Place will host all manner of galactic trinkets and stage shows over the weekend of April 12th, 2019.

The five-day event actually begins in earnest on April 11th, with tickets expected to go on sale June 5th at 12 pm CST over on Lucasfilm’s dedicated site. Little is currently known about the 2019 showcase, though The Star Wars Show has some exclusive intel – along with a behind-the-scenes peek at Solo‘s red carpet premiere – on what will surely be a landmark event for the beloved space opera, not least because Episode IX is scheduled for release next Christmas.

Per Lucasfilm, Star Wars Celebration 2019 promises to be an “exciting convention filled with entertainment, celebrity appearances, stage shows, panels, interactive events, exclusive merchandise, screenings, and once-in-a-lifetime glimpses into the future of the epic saga.”

It’s also the 13th Star Wars Celebration and the first since 2017, which was a particularly memorable event as it marked Harrison Ford’s first ever celebration, along with scores of details and intriguing looks at The Last Jedi. All of this was framed by a 40-year anniversary toast to the Star Wars franchise, which continues to inspire and enthrall even to this day.

Closer to home, Solo: A Star Wars Story is expected to light up theaters on May 25th, and it seems Ron Howard has achieved the impossible. Not only has he rescued the spinoff from development woes, but he’s also crafted a fun, if flawed origins tale for the titular smuggler. Up next? Lando: A Star Wars Story, even if it’s not necessarily next on the Lucasfilm production line.