Star Wars Comic Teases Obi-Wan’s Role In Creating Darth Vader


Anakin Skywalker’s turn to the dark side isn’t always a particularly smooth or convincing transition in the Star Wars Prequel Trilogy, but thanks to the various comic book tie-in material that covers the early years of the Skywalker Saga, we’re starting to get a better understanding of the context behind the creation of Darth Vader. A passage from the new Star Wars: Age of Republic – Obi-Wan Kenobi, for example, suggests that Ewan McGregor’s character may not have been as blameless as his reputation suggests.

In a series of panels, the comic reveals that Obi-Wan had some doubts about training the young Anakin, and for his latest quest, he only chooses to take the child along at Yoda’s insistence. The little green master himself, meanwhile, still doesn’t approve much of Anakin being made a Padawan, but argues that if Obi-Wan does train the boy, he has to commit to the task, since a poorly trained Jedi is a danger to others and to himself.

Once Obi-wan and Anakin are heading off for their next adventure, however, Kenobi puts a more positive spin on the decision, suggesting that both he and Yoda were all too happy to send the Padawan on this quest.

While it’s not a big moment, you can see why fans are arguing that Obi-Wan is unknowingly setting up Anakin for his eventual disappointment and disillusionment. After being kept in a bubble of ignorance and made to feel like everything is going smoothly, the future Sith ultimately sees no other reason for his failure to rise through the ranks as a Jedi than the pettiness of the Jedi Council, making it all too easy for Palpatine to step in and turn him against his peers.

All in all, it’s a nice idea that introduces a little more nuance to Anakin’s subsequent transformation into the most famous villain of the Star Wars franchise.