Star Wars’ Daisy Ridley Calls Out Vicious Social Media Fans


Ah, music to my ears.

In a moment of harmonious honesty, Daisy Ridley addressed the toxic nature of fandom criticism, specifically upon the Star Wars films.

It’d be crazy to assume that anyone who’s asked to take part in one of history’s longest and most treasured movie franchises would consider it a job – at least in the sense that you and I would define a job. But apparently that much is true in Ridley’s case, who appreciates her role and responsibility of Rey but will also not let it define her or her actions.

In a recent interview with Bustle, the 27-year-old icon addressed many of the not-so-pleasant parts of being at the forefront of a series, including facing criticism from fans. Though any film’s subject to condemning commentary from viewers and professionals alike (hell, I’m a critic), no one would debate the fact that the products of major franchises like Star Wars are viewed and judged in a stricter light.

“It’s great that people are expressive of their views. But this is people’s jobs. People worked really, really hard on that thing,” Ridley explained. “I think there’s a way of having a discussion that isn’t so vicious.”

The young star then went on to note how social media has given users a false sense of entitlement and importance, saying:

“Because if you’ve got however many followers, and you write something that you think is, like, so deep, and a hundred people like it, it’s constant reinforcement.”

While Ridley’s done her part in staying away from social media, having deactivated all her accounts, it seems she hasn’t escaped the storm entirely, detailing a recent interaction in which someone felt comfortable enough with her to voice their negativity right to her face.

“I was at my friend’s birthday,” she said. “And one of her friends, who I barely know, was like, ‘Hey, really liked the first Star Wars. Didn’t really like the second one,’ and I thought, ‘That’s rude, dude! That’s my job!'”

It’s endearing to see a star of Ridley’s caliber stand up for her projects, though she, as any professional actor and actress should be, is aware that criticism’s inevitable with any film. Not even Star Wars is perfect.

Source: Bustle