Star Wars: Episode IX Leak Reveals First Look At Rey And Poe’s New Outfits


It’s always been nice that there was a clear evolution between Luke Skywalker’s costumes over the Original Trilogy. A New Hope had him in white, The Empire Strikes Back saw him in grey and Return of the Jedi allowed him to complete his monochromatic journey by wearing black.

Now, it seems that Rey’s set to undergo a similar costume-based transformation in the upcoming Star Wars: Episode IX. We’ve heard on a few occasions already that she’ll be getting a new outfit to wear and today, some concept art has leaked online (and can be seen in the gallery below) which gives us our first look at her updated threads. All in all, they’re not terribly different from what she’s worn before, save for the fact that they’re all white, but we definitely dig what we see.

That’s not all, though, as among other things, this art also shows off a new look for Poe, which matches what we’ve seen Oscar Isaac wearing in set photos and gives this leak some serious credibility. The accompanying slide labels the look “Adventure Poe,” so we presume he’ll be on some kind of mission which requires him to change his outfit.

Aside from all that, this concept art also reveals a few other interesting nuggets, such as our first glimpse of old Lando and also confirmation that Richard E. Grant is playing a First Order Officer. It’s a juicy leak all things considered then, and acts as the perfect appetizer to the official title reveal for the film, which should be here any day now.

In fact, it was widely assumed that we’d finally learn what to call Star Wars: Episode IX last week, but unfortunately, Lucasfilm is still keeping silent on the matter. With it now being February though, it shouldn’t be too much longer before the studio is ready to start peeling back the lid a little on J.J. Abrams’ upcoming trilogy-closer.

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