Star Wars: Episode IX Leak Teases Zero Gravity Battle Scene


As fans wait for the first Star Wars: Episode IX teaser to finally drop, a new leak suggests that the upcoming film could be offering one of the saga’s most unique action scenes to date.

In the latest episode of the Making Star Wars show Now, This Is Podcasting! (via Reddit), the hosts relay word of a battle on Kylo Ren’s new ship that’s fought in zero gravity. And while no further details are offered, this is already sounding like a set piece with real potential. In fact, if what they say is true (and it must be said that MSW has a pretty good track record for these things), then it wouldn’t be a surprise to find out that this was the “visually crazy” scene that actor John Boyega teased back in January.

In any case, while we’re still in a bit of a dry spell for Episode IX news and material, a lot fans are currently pinning their hopes on next month’s Star Wars Celebration, and with good reason. So far, it’s been the tradition for Disney’s Star Wars films to premiere their trailers at the convention. And with J.J. Abrams scheduled to speak at an event on April 12th, it looks like we could be just three weeks away from seeing our first set of footage.

What’s more, if we don’t learn the official title sooner, then it’s hard to imagine the Celebration weekend going by without this particular piece of info dropping. But regardless of what the coming weeks bring, we’ve still got most of the year ahead of us before Star Wars: Episode IX finally hits theaters on December 20th, 2019.

Source: Reddit