New Details On Star Wars: Episode IX’s First Trailer Revealed


With principal photography for Star Wars: Episode IX officially wrapping last Friday, fans are currently hoping that Lucasfilm finally feels ready to share a little material from the upcoming trilogy-closer.

But as we wait for a possible teaser or that long-awaited title reveal, a new report from Making Star Wars has offered a few details about a trailer that allegedly screened to crew members around Christmas last year. Though the site’s sources apparently believe that the December preview will not be the same as the film’s first official trailer, it’s also said that the video consisted entirely of Episode IX footage, and that everyone liked what they saw.

What’s more, it’s alleged that while the trailer may give a little too much away for public consumption at this early stage, it doesn’t delve into the plot at all. Finally, the report concludes its paragraph by suggesting that we “might have a shot at seeing it at some point.”

All in all, it’s a pretty vague breakdown of a video that may never see the light of day, but it’s strange to think that Lucasfilm may’ve had a preview of sorts prepared as far back as December, around the time that rumors of an imminent teaser were picking up steam.

A couple of months later, and we’ve yet to see any footage, though we continue to hear talk that a teaser might be just around the corner. One report from last week, for instance, alleged that the preview is already in the hands of UK cinema chains, implying that the footage could be just a week or two away from dropping. We’ll know soon enough if the latest hearsay has it right, but either way, we still have a long wait to go until Star Wars: Episode IX hits theaters on December 20th, 2019.