Star Wars: Episode IX Rumor Teases Leia’s New Weapon


Depending on how you look at it, superweapon storylines are either a time-honored tradition of the Star Wars movies, or a lazy excuse for a climax that’s been used at least one too many times. But while a new rumor suggests that yet another game-changing device could be put to use in Star Wars: Episode IX, it won’t be the villains who get to use it this time.

Though The Last Jedi left The Resistance in a pretty grim state, ScreenRant has suggested that General Leia Organa could be holding one last trump card in the form of a weapon called Warhammer. Apparently, this device that’s capable of slicing through Star Destroyers was originally planned to get a mention in J.J. Abrams’ The Force Awakens. Now that the director’s returning to the series, it’s been theorized that he may use this opportunity to finally bring Warhammer into the action using Carrie Fisher’s deleted scenes, providing The Resistance with a crucial means of fighting back against the First Order.

After the cliffhanger ending of The Last Jedi, giving the good guys a last-minute superweapon to help them quickly wrap up this trilogy sounds like a bit of a cheat, but if this is the route that Abrams is taking, here’s hoping his writing can at least introduce Warhammer into the story in a way that doesn’t feel too forced.

Of course, it will probably be a while before we receive any confirmation on whether Leia even possesses such a weapon, but we’ll find out what sort of tools our heroes will have to work with when Star Wars: Episode IX hits theaters on December 20th, 2019.

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