Star Wars: Episode IX Rumor Teases More Information On The Knights Of Ren’s Return


The Knights of Ren have popped up repeatedly in the various Star Wars: Episode IX speculation we’ve been hearing all year, and perhaps for good reason. After all, J.J. Abrams was the one who conceived of these threatening figures in The Force Awakens, and now that the Sequel Trilogy is moving into its final installment, maybe this setup is due for some payoff.

That’s what’s been suggested in the new report from Making Star Wars, which alleges that the production’s description of these characters has changed in recent months from “Force Wielding Mercenaries” to “a group with many special abilities.” The author goes on to speculate that this slight change in emphasis “is because some will use some powers considered to be ‘unnatural.’”

If this mysterious order is making a return, then the question is raised of how they might respond to Kylo Ren’s rise to power, whether they show solidarity with their peer or turn against him for his betrayal of Supreme Leader Snoke. The fans have argued each way on the matter, and after the ‘What now?’ ending of The Last Jedi, things still feel pretty up the air for the next picture.

Speaking of Kylo, another recent claim from Making Star Wars is that Adam Driver will be once more wearing a mask, be it a repaired version of the prop he trashed in The Last Jedi and or a new helmet entirely. That claim remains to be confirmed, but you can imagine that Star Wars: Episode IX will contain quite a few points of symmetry with The Force Awakens, due to both the return of Abrams and the need for this film to bring the current trilogy to a close. We’ll find out what callbacks the director has in mind when the movie hits theaters on December 20th, 2019.