Star Wars: Episode IX Theory Suggests The Title Could Be Revealed This Week

Finn and Rey in Star Wars The Last Jedi

Last Friday, J.J. Abrams got the internet hoping that a Star Wars: Episode IX title reveal was imminent with his announcement that filming on the upcoming trilogy-closer had officially wrapped. And while Lucasfilm has yet to offer any new material in the days since, the official Star Wars Twitter accounts certainly look like they’re gearing up for something, and according to one theory that’s been making the rounds lately, there’s still a chance that the movie will have its title by the end of the week.

The speculation started with a post from Twitter user Sleemo, who pointed out that The Force Awakens had its wrap party on November 1st, 2014, followed by the title reveal on the 6th. Since the Episode IX wrap party happened on February 16th, it’s therefore reasoned that the new title might drop within a similar span of time.

It’s worth noting that it was a popular prediction as recently as a few weeks ago that Episode IX would have its title by the end of January, since The Last Jedi received its grand unveiling on January 23rd on the year of its release. On that occasion, Lucasfilm’s promotion for a previous Star Wars episode proved to be an unreliable indicator of how the studio would handle Episode IX, but with Abrams back at the helm for this next entry, perhaps we’ll find that the film is operating on a similar schedule to The Force Awakens.

In any case, we may not have a lot to go on for when the Star Wars: Episode IX title might drop, but we’ll at least know within the next couple of days if the new theory has it right. Either way, we’ve still got some wait ahead of us before the film hits theaters on December 20th, 2019.

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