Here’s How Star Wars: Episode IX’s Red Stormtroopers Might Look


As the evidence begins to pile up that Star Wars: Episode IX will bring a new type of “elite” Stormtrooper with red armor into the fold, Reddit user MilnersBlog has offered their impression of how the heavily rumored foe’s helmet might look.

The artwork was partly based on the design featured on a crew t-shirt that emerged over the weekend (viewable in the second slide below). While the leaked image offered only the barest impression of the helmet, MilnersBlog’s fan art fills in the blanks by seemingly drawing on the report shared by Making Star Wars last December, which spoke of black stripes on the headwear.

Though little is known about the new troopers, the creative executive in charge of the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge theme park expansion possibly hinted that they would go under the name “Red Fury.” There’s even reason to believe that they may be flying a new type of TIE fighter that will be on display at Galaxy’s Edge.

In any case, assuming that the fans are drawing all the right conclusions, we’ve yet to see any evidence that the red Stormtroopers will amount to anything more than another set of faceless goons. In other words, don’t be surprised if the so-called Red Fury aren’t a crucial part of the story to come.

While we’re on the subject of helmeted villains, however, some Star Wars: Episode IX footage that screened to Disney shareholders last week reportedly confirmed that Darth Vader’s helmet will be making a comeback in the Sequel Trilogy finale, after proving absent for The Last Jedi. We’ll find out what other callbacks to the Original Trilogy Abrams has in store when the film hits theaters on December 20th, 2019.

Source: Reddit

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