Star Wars: Episode VII Might Start Filming At Pinewood This Month


Star Wars fansite Jedi News has reported that, according to a “very trustworthy source,” a production company have block-booked production facilities at Pinewood Studios for the next ten years, under the production alias Foodles Productions, and they might be filming Star Wars: Episode VII.

Foodles Productions was registered to Disney headquarters in London in March 2013, and they have been in pre-production at Pinewood for the last three and a half months, in view of starting production imminently (August 2013). Offices are being constructed at the moment, and storage facilities are being procured in the local area.

The tradition of production aliases for Star Wars films has been around since the early incarnations of the series – Return of the Jedi was known as Blue Harvest Productions, and the prequel trilogy was known as JAK Productions. But just what the hell are “Foodles”?


They’re fruit-based snacks made by Disney – you know, for kids! According to the official site, they “put the fun into fresh, nutritious snacking,” like that unforgettable scene with R2D2 and the carrot sticks, or like the heartrending moment when Han Solo became encased in granola yoghurt.

If this revelation is true, then it could cause the notoriously publicity-shy J.J. Abrams to go into movie meltdown and either cancel the sequel trilogy immediately, or just change the alias. Whichever is easiest. Also, Foodles have probably received a surge of traffic and subsequent interest the likes of which the health food arm of the Disney corporation have never seen before.

Obsessive fans may want to get hold of a few packs of the fruit-based children snacks in case they reveal important clues about the plot of the upcoming movies. It also gives us a chance to use the words “fruity” and “C3P0” in a sentence without coming off all politically incorrect.

Star Wars: Episode VII is due for release in Summer 2015. Only two years to go!