Star Wars: Episode VII Finally Begins Filming


Well, everyone, the day we have all waited for is finally here. It seems like only yesterday that Disney announced it was buying the Star Wars franchise, and now here we are with a new entry into the trilogy about to come flying at us from a galaxy far, far away. Star Wars: Episode VII has started filming and really, the excitement is just too much for me to handle.

J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot Tweeted a photo of the Day One shoot, featuring the Star Wars logo and little else. But it’s enough for everyone to breathe a sigh of relief that maybe, finally, the film has started and we can all relax on the rumor mill for awhile. We in the blogosphere really need to learn to pace ourselves. The release date on Star Wars: Episode VII is more than a year away and the cast has not been fully assembled (although it’s closer than it ever was). Finally, this is a J.J. Abrams film: it’s going to be awhile before we know much about the plot beyond rumors. Hopefully he’ll do better on this one than he did on Star Trek Into Darkness, whose big reveal was obvious to pretty much everybody by the time the film came out.

Meanwhile, there’s a rumor going around that U.K. actress Katie Jarvis (Fish Tank) has also joined the ever growing cast of Star Wars: Episode VII. While this has no official confirmation yet, it’s one more potential casting decision to toss into the mix.

While we still know next to nothing about Star Wars: Episode VII, I do hold out some hope that Abrams will do a good job with it. It won’t be hard to beat the prequel trilogy for quality of script or performance, but bringing back Star Wars and a number of original cast members after so many years away could be a recipe for disaster. Abrams is a decent director who will undoubtedly respect the original franchise, so we can hope for the best.

You can check out the Bad Robot tweet and picture from the first day of Star Wars: Episode VII below. The film will hit theatres on December 18, 2015.