Star Wars: Episode VII Might Be Less Secretive Once Production Starts


What’s going on in galaxy far, far away? We simply don’t know. Will Harrison Ford reprise his role as Han Solo, everyone’s favorite smuggler? Are Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher set to return as siblings Luke and Leia Skywalker, respectively? How about Anthony Daniels as C3P0 and Peter Mayhew as Chewbacca?

It’s been said that Samuel L. Jackson wants to portray Mace Windu once again (although we sincerely beg him not to). We don’t even know what Michael Arndt and J.J. Abrams’ story treatment will be like. What characters he plans to include,  when the story will be set and who the main villain will be in Star Wars: Episode VII are all unanswered enigmas. Nevertheless, producer Kathleen Kennedy recently spoke to ScreenSlam (via The Playlist) about the much-hyped film, and said:

“If we’re shooting anything outside, it’s almost impossible to not have things end up on the Internet. So my feeling is, you need to embrace that, especially with the fans around something like Star Wars. You need to recognize they’re important to the process and acknowledge there are things you’re gonna want to make sure they get to know.”

What’s Kennedy hinting at? Could be nothing, really. At this point we crave information so much we’re looking for hints and clues everywhere. Then again, it does sound like she’s saying the secrecy surrounding the new entry in the beloved saga will cease as soon as principal photography begins. Even though I won’t complain if the film’s crew decides to share pertinent information about the project, I’m not too sure I want to see production dailies, which is what Peter Jackson did while filming The Hobbit.

Maybe I’m just terrified of spotting George Lucas on set, thus shattering all expectations I have for this movie. What do you think? Should we getting more information on Star Wars: Episode VII, or is secrecy the key to success?