Possible Star Wars: Episode VII Titles Revealed


With the Star Wars: Episode VII rumor mill in full-gear and manufacturing wild speculation at an unprecedented rate, it should come as no surprise that today we receive word on possible titles for the in-the-works seventh chapter in the saga. Not soon enough either, as the silence out of the Disney/Abrams camp relating to the next chapter in the beloved Star Wars franchise has been nothing less than deafening.

/Film is reporting that the film has two possible titles attached to it and that they were already a part of the proposed Star Wars story outlines penned by George Lucas at the time of the Disney acquisition of Lucasfilm. The titles, get ready for it, are….. Return of the Sith and Rise of the Jedi.

That collective yawn you hear is a myriad of oysters crying out in pain as their jaws hit the floor due to the mind-numbing blandness of the two titles offered.

Granted, these may be only working titles. Or, they could be nothing more than fan-created titles meant to create controversy on Star Wars message boards. Nonetheless, I will certainly feel a bit underwhelmed if one of the aforementioned titles does indeed become the official moniker for Star Wars: Episode VII. I was kind of hoping that a J.J. Abrams-helmed Star Wars picture would be named something a tad more exciting.

What do you guys think? Do either of those titles excite you in the slightest?