Will We See The Star Wars: Episode VII Trailer This Year?


It just would not be Monday without a Star Wars: Episode VII rumor. Ever since the film was even hinted at, the Internet has clamored with casting rumors, script rumors, character rumors, and rumors about rumors that might become rumors at some point. I pay attention to these things and even I cannot keep track of what’s a rumor and what’s been officially confirmed. But that is all as one, because we have another rumor now that has nothing to do with vague images or vaguer casting decisions: it’s about actually getting to see footage, however limited, from the new Star Wars.

As fans keep tabs on this stuff, the rumor originates from John Williams Fan Network (via /Film), and amounts to “a reliable source” saying that the composer John Williams received a teaser trailer from director J.J. Abrams. Williams reportedly has composed music to accompany this trailer, and will be recording the musical accompaniment in November. That means that there will likely be a completed teaser trailer floating around sometime in December – which raises some hopes that the public will actually get to see it before the year is out.

While this is, once again, an unofficial rumor based on an unnamed source, it does make sense for Disney to try rolling out a Star Wars: Episode VII teaser before too long. They have both Big Hero 6 and Into the Woods coming to theaters this year, both of which are big enough releases to merit attaching a Star Wars trailer.

So I guess this is hope for Star Wars fans, even if it is just a rumor. Pretty much everything surrounding this film has been a rumor, after all. In fact, I’m even beginning to wonder if it actually exists.