Star Wars: Episode VIII May Introduce Us To “Executioner” Stormtroopers


Star Wars: The Force Awakens updated the Stormtroopers in interesting ways, and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story looks set to introduce us to some cool new variations as well. Unsurprisingly, it sounds like Star Wars: Episode VIII is going to do the same, but they may be the most vicious version of these iconic soldiers to date.

A new rumour points to a Stormtrooper called The Executioner showing up, and while he won’t look a whole lot different to the regular ones, he’ll have a weapon similar to FN-2199 (a.k.a. TR-8R), but with the electrical baton replaced by three spinning blades. Oh, and he’ll also have a matte black line taking up half of his helmet.


It’s also being reported that Star Wars: Episode VIII will make some changes to the regular Stormtroopers as their mouthpieces are made to look more similar to the ones from the original Star Wars trilogy. Furthermore, Imperial Royal Guards and Imperial Gunners are going to get a makeover as well.

As interesting as all this sounds, chances are we won’t get our first look at Star Wars: Episode VIII until next year. Sure, it’s possible that a teaser trailer will be attached to Rogue One, but Disney and Lucasfilm may choose to keep the focus on that Anthology movie rather than distracting audiences with a first look at the next chapter in the main series.

Time will tell, but for now, you can always feast your eyes on our fan-made trailer up above to get an idea of how the film may look.

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