Star Wars: Episodes II & III Will Get 3D Release In 2013

Star Wars is bigger than ever right now because George Lucas went and sold it all to Disney, so yes, we’ll be getting those other two chapters in the intergalactic saga re-released in 3D because… well, why the heck not?

So the absolute worst film in the six-part series, Attack of the Clones, with all its awful CGI bits and Hayden Christensen-acting, is set for theatres on September 20th 2013. The follow-up, Revenge of the Sith, perhaps the best of the prequel trilogy (despite that bit where Vader shouts “Noooo!!!” and when Padme dies of a broken heart somehow), will follow on two weeks later on October 4th 2013.

The announcement of these 3D releases comes just after Fox have told us that Independence Day won’t get its own 3D release for reasons that will not be explained. So now you can look forward to reliving all those brilliant bits in Attack of the Clones, like when… uh… that bit… or, well, how about those good parts of Revenge of the Sith when… RD-D2… rocket… rocket jets… something?

How do you feel about the other Star Wars movies getting the 3D treatment? Are you that bothered to see ’em again?

Source: Collider

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