Lucasfilm Announces The Star Wars Fan Awards


“You know what? Rian Johnson has killed Star Wars! He’s got no sense of the characters’ importance. I could do a better job myself! Wait…now I’ve got the chance to prove it? Err…on second thoughts it’s actually pretty cool.”

Ok, you got us, the above isn’t actually a real quote. Instead, it’s a hypothetical situation that some fans may soon find themselves in now that Lucasfilm have announced The Star Wars Fan Awards. The sci-fi saga has seen folks dress up in Darth Vader outfits, direct their own Boba Fett films and squeeze themselves into gold bikinis, and now they have the opportunity to be recognized and rewarded for it.

It’s not just about who can crouch inside an upside-down garbage can though, as the following categories are all open for folks to compete in:

  • Videos – Long (Up to 5 Minutes) and Short (Up to 15 Seconds): Best Animation, Best Stop Motion, Best Comedy, Best Choreography, Best Visual Effects, Audience Choice, Filmmaker Select, Spirit of Fandom
  • Photos: Best Scene-Inspired Photo, Best Family Portrait, Best Throwback Photo, Best Original Concept, Funniest, Best Pet Photography, Best Star Wars Food Presentation, Best in Show, Audience Choice
  • Visual Art: Best Digital Art, Best Poster Art, Best Custom Costume, Best 2-D/Traditional Art, Best 3-D/Physical Art, Best Custom Figure, Best Custom Diorama, Best in Show, Audience Choice

Serious business, as you can see. Further details came from Lucasfilm themselves, with the studio explaining that “Winners will be chosen by a panel of Lucasfilm judges, with the Audience Choice award decided by you, the fans! The Star Wars Fan Awards will culminate in a special episode of The Star Wars Show, announcing winners and featuring a few exciting surprises.”

Insert excited Jonah Hill GIFs here. Whereas The Star Wars Fan Film Awards have existed for a while now, these expanded categories give the whole event an upgrade and make it a must-see for all lovers of that galaxy far, far away. Let’s hope it won’t just be hundreds of remade scenes from Star Wars: The Last Jedi or a Rian Johnson look-a-like lying prone on Vader’s funeral pyre.

Submissions open on July 18th and run until September 17th, with fan voting open on November 2nd. All the details are available here, but in the meantime, we’re considering entering for Best Star Wars Food Presentation. Anyone know how to milk a moof?