Adorable Star Wars Celebration Photo Brings Anakin Skywalker And Grandson Kylo Together


Fan convention photo ops, while a bit expensive, are almost always worth the money. Some fans pose with Sam Winchester in full clown get-up. Others act like a walker who’s about to turn Daryl Dixon. And Star Wars lovers? They just might get to do something goofy with Mark Hamill.

Recently, one pint-sized Star Wars diehard snapped a picture with actor Hayden Christensen, and it’s causing a world-wide epidemic of awww! The pic in question was taken at Star Wars Celebration in Chicago, and this little lady has successfully captured all the fun that can happen at these conventions:

Just look at that little scar…so cute!

Ella, aka ObiwanxKannoli in the Twitter world, brought her daughter Nicky to Chicago to enjoy the celebration. And now, the internet gets to gush over this little tickle-me-emo (because Kylo is…well, you get it) moment.

Sure, there was a lot of crying and dying along with yelling in restaurants, but even that’s okay.

This isn’t the first time Hayden has made waves with a pic snapped at the convention, either. He posed for one with Matt Lanter as well, who voices Anakin in The Clone Wars. Lanter posted it on his Instagram account, too, and the fans absolutely loved it:

Star Wars Celebration may end on April 15th, but with Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker coming to theaters on December 20th, there’s going to be eight full months of spoilers, speculation and cosplaying to enjoy, and we can’t wait for the madness to begin. After all, Anakin is rumored to have a cameo in Episode IX, which means we may just get to see Christensen on our screens again, and how exciting is that?

Source: Twitter