Star Wars Fans Are Debating What Real-Life Weapon Would Make For The Best New Blaster

The Mandalorian
Image via Disney Plus

Star Wars may be a fantasy universe set in a galaxy far far away, but many aspects of the extremely successful film series are inspired by things much closer to home. The aesthetic of the Star Wars universe may appear quite foreign and space-aged, but when you get down to specific items their real-life situation peers through.

Whether it be the clear Samurai influence, the Senate structure, or even Darth Vader’s helmet, connections can be found to times and items throughout history. This is much clearer for the weapons of Star Wars which most of are based on real weapons of the past.

This idea has sparked a discussion amongst Star Wars fans on Reddit who are brainstorming what real-life weapons they would base a brand new Star Wars weapon off. The examples used are the T21 Blaster which is almost identical to its real-world counterpart the Lewis Gun, and the IB-94 Blaster Pistol which can be seen in the Mandalorian that was crafted after the Bergmann 1896.

To feel truly Star Wars, the weapon would need a unique appearance and design that could be molded to suit the aesthetic. Given this, fans have suggested quite a few older model weapons among other weapons that simply bost a classic design.

Here are some of the suggestions fans feel could be crafted into weapons perfect for the Star Wars universe.