‘Star Wars’ fans are trying to decide if this ‘Knights of Ren’ trailer is real


A newly leaked Star Wars trailer that heralds the return of Snoke’s sinister lackeys for a TV show or feature film on Disney Plus has a lot of fans confused.

The teaser, which was leaked to YouTube, looks really grainy and low-quality, having been filmed over on someone’s camera, but the special effects are legitimately good, invoking a somewhat uncertain feeling that they may have been done by a professional VFX group.

That being said, there are certain inconsistencies with how Disney has so far established the Knights of Ren. For one thing, the Knights didn’t use lightsabers in spite of the fact that they wielded the Force. Additionally, we’ve never seen any of them don a helmet that looks like the one you see in the trailer. If anything, this actually resembles a hybrid between a Sith Lord and a Nazgul from The Lord of the Rings, which may hint at the fan-made nature of the work.

Though as you can see below, Star Wars fans aren’t too certain about that, and they’ve been sharing their thoughts on Twitter.

The Knights of Ren were one of the most cool-looking and badass bands of warriors in the Mouse House’s Star Wars flicks who, for lack of a better word, got absolutely sidelined due to a general sense of incoherency in the sequel trilogy. J.J. Abrams teased them in The Force Awakens, but Rian Johnson completely ignored them in his succeeding The Last Jedi.

The Knights admittedly returned for The Rise of Skywalker, but the writers scrapped that amazing buildup for an unsatisfying final confrontation between them and a redeemed Ben Solo. Fingers crossed, Disney has finally decided to give them their due.