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‘Star Wars’ fans are trying to stay positive about their least favorite movie

'Star Wars' fans are trying to stay positive and are naming their favorite moments from their least favorite entries in the saga.

Star Wars
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The Star Wars fandom is probably one of the most notorious when it comes to fans hating on the thing they’re supposed to be fans of, as there are far fewer entries in the saga that have been widely embraced by people than there are those that are widely hated. But, in a welcome change of pace, fans have decided to look on the brighter side of things for once and highlight what they most love about their least-liked entry in the franchise.

Redditor u/TheNCRTrooper got the r/StarWars subreddit community talking by asking everyone to name their favorite part of their least favorite Star Wars movie. Their own pick was a classic suggestion, the Duel of the Fates scene in The Phantom Menace.

Unsurprisingly, many of the responses referred to The Rise of Skywalker, the infamous ninth installment in the Skywalker saga. Interestingly, though, everyone picked different moments from the film, which maybe tells us that there’s a lot more to like about J.J. Abrams’ film than fans care to admit.

Solo, the least financially successful Star Wars flick, also came up a lot, but one fan noted that the train heist sequence was a lot of fun.

The ever-divisive The Last Jedi got a few mentions, too, although there’s no denying Yoda’s cameo hit the spot.

Another fan cited a small, touching character moment as TLJ‘s saving grace.

Attack of the Clones is no one’s favorite Star Wars film, but Obi-Wan Kenobi and Jango Fett’s clash above Geonosis was an epic set piece.

This thread just goes to show that there’s something in every single entry in the Star Wars saga, no matter its other faults and the hate it may receive, that reminds fans just why they are fans in the first place.

‘Star Wars’ Fans Name Their Favorite Moment From Their Least Favorite Movie

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