‘Star Wars’ fans demand to see identification to prove Darth Maul’s real name

Image via Lucasfilm / Star Wars: The Phantom Menace

Star Wars fans have just realized there’s a giant mystery at the heart of a major character’s identity that surprisingly few have ever questioned before… What is Darth Maul’s real name? As we know, a Sith gains a new moniker when they join the Dark Side, like Sheev Palpatine becoming Darth Sidious, Anakin Skywalker reborn as Darth Vader and so on. And yet, Maul is only ever known as Maul, even after he splits from Palpatine and goes it alone.

So what does it actually say on Maul’s birth certificate? That’s what folks want to know after Redditor u/Aggresive_Emu_709 called out the secrecy surrounding the Dathomirian villain’s true name.

As fans quickly pointed out, this issue has been addressed in canon before as Maul revealed in Star Wars Rebels that he’s forgotten what he used to be called, so Maul effectively is his true name. But the fact his brothers are called Savage and Feral suggests Maul might’ve been what he was christened with anyway.

Especially as the old EU/Legends universe hinted his birth name was Maul. Maybe Palpy decided that was too good of an evil name to waste, so he just added a “Darth” at the start.

This wouldn’t even be the only example of this happening. See Exhibit A: Darth Revan.

But, if we run with the idea that Maul isn’t his birth name for a moment, what other names would suit the guy?

His full name is Darth Dave Maul.

When you need Qui-Gon Jinn killed, you’d better call Maul.

I see what you did there.

“Maul… Maul Skywalker.”

Whoah, plot twist.

As fans went on to discuss in this thread, if we accept Maul as his first name, then the question becomes: what’s his surname? The obvious answer is that it’s Oppress, as per his brother, Savage Oppress. But, again, it’s not entirely clarified whether they’re actually blood-related or not, so we can’t say for sure. It looks like we’ll have to wait on Dave Filoni to clear up this mystery in some future Disney Plus show.