Star Wars Fans Freaking Out Over [SPOILERS] Being A Traitor In The Rise Of Skywalker


There are many shocking revelations in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, but one that’s getting lost in the mix is the identity of the Resistance’s mole in the First Order. In the movie, it’s established that someone within the organization is feeding the rebels key intel and it’s eventually made clear that General Hux is the traitor. Which is pretty surprising, considering he’s always been so loyal to the cause.

It’s explained, though, that he isn’t doing it to aid the Resistance but rather to stop Kylo Ren from succeeding in his plans by any means necessary. His treachery doesn’t do him any good, however, as Allegiant General Pryde discovers what he’s been up to and unceremoniously shoots him with a blaster. R.I.P. Armitage Hux.

Understandably, fans have a lot of thoughts about this twist, with reactions on social media ranging from those who are enraged by it to those who love it. To begin with, though, some kind of felt sorry for the guy and found the humor in Hux’s unexpected betrayal.

Others thought the reasoning behind his treachery was “stupid,” but they admitted Hux’s about-turn was a heck of a shocking twist.

Others were left frustrated that The Rise of Skywalker shortchanged the villain so much and said they’d be willing to go along with the mole revelation if only it were better explored.

Some were pleased with the twist though, feeling that it was totally in character for Hux to hate Kylo this much.

That’s a good point, and others saw a connection between Hux as a mole and the Fulcrum plotline in Star Wars Rebels. 

What’s the problem, Hux’s arc in TROS was perfect, right?

Maybe he was even the best portrayed character in the whole movie!

Sure, he may be totally evil, but you have to admire Hux for his betrayal of the First Order, everything he believes in, just to get back at Ren. We can only aspire to be that level of petty.

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