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‘Star Wars’ fans turn into Old Ben as ‘Attack of the Clones’ turns 20

And no one can agree on whether it's a good film or not.

Star Wars Attack of the Clones

As the latest Star Wars mini-series Obi-Wan Kenobi sets to air on Disney Plus at the end of this month, fans realize that it has been 20 years to the date since the Star Wars prequel film Attack of the Clones was released in theaters, and now they feel old.

Regardless of the fact the prequel trilogy has had its fair share of derision over the years, from clunky writing to overuse of CGI, fans are taking to Twitter to share in celebrating the 20th anniversary of the film that saw Anakin Skywalker, set to become one of cinema’s greatest villains of all time, discuss just how much he didn’t like sand.

Many millennials, and perhaps the odd Gen Z’er out there, may remember heading to the cinema as a child or teenager to delight in lightsaber battles and marvel at the use of the force and are now faced with the reality that was 20 years ago, sharing images of themselves from way back, the action figures they bought or anecdotes from the time.

This tweet sums up how many are feeling upon the realization that their childhood has passed, and adult gremlin life is now all-consuming!

Many, such as these Twitter users below, remember the film as being the first Star Wars film they got to see up on the big screen, a momentous occasion if you were raised on the VCR and DVD copies of the original trilogy your parents handed down to you.

Some can even recall the mood in the cinema at the midnight showing.

This user posted a picture of her younger self as she celebrated her birthday, receiving an Attack of the Clones action figure.

Whereas this user’s action figure looks like it’s having a bit of an existential crisis at the thought of hitting 20 years of age!

As the Obi-Wan Kenobi series draws closer, it only seems to cement the time that has passed in between.

Seeing the actors age up over time, will definitely remind us of the passing in time, though it must be said, many of them have still got it.

Although a lot of fans accept that the movie was far from perfect in regards to its storytelling, they can’t help but admire the visuals the film gave us.

Along with some other things the film got right.

And of course, getting to see Yoda go all out against Count Dooku.

The official Star Wars Twitter page wanted to reach out and thank fans for joining them in celebrating the anniversary, ending on that classic send off.

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