Star Wars Fans Want Rotten Tomatoes Shut Down For Being Pro Last Jedi


Displaying the intelligence, reserve and self-awareness for which they’re famed, Star Wars nerds on the internet have launched a petition to get Rotten Tomatoes shut down for – get this – liking The Last Jedi. The crux of their position is that the film’s audience score is at such odds with its critical score, that it proves that the whole freakin’ system is out of order and should be stopped right now.

So, let’s upturn this rock and get a look at the gross things wiggling and creeping away underneath (all typos faithfully reproduced):

Rotten tomatoes has a very flawed aggregate rating system.Take for example the Critic’s Ratings  for Star wars The last jedi (93%) , Ghostubusters(73%) and Sharknando(82%).All of these movies got high ratings but from audience these movie got very low ratings.These movies are extremely hated by fans and general public. And most of the critics on RT gives favourable reviews to Disney blockbuster movies.One RT critic from collider bashed the fanbase who hated the last jedi during a Youtube vlog. Many critics on RT are extremely toxic and they are unprofessional. The critics from outlets such As mashable,collider, screen junkies, THR, forbes, Indiewire are extremely toxic on social media and unprofessional with their reviews.

Continuing on, the petition reads:

RT has a very flawed  aggregate rating and broken system. 3/5 score for a disney film is listed a fresh/good review and the same 3/5 review score for non disney blockbusters are listed as rotten/bad review. The tomatometer system is extremely broken and unreliable. For example if a movies has aggregate critics rating score of  6/10 and another movies has 9/10 aggregate critics score. Both movies will have 90 percent on tomatometer. RT is a horrible review aggregate site and very unreliable.

IMdb and metacritic ratings is more reliable site for movie reviews.The broken Rotten tomatoes system can hurt the movie industry Becuase most of the audience watch the movies based on RT score. And their broken system is like cancer to movie industry and audience. In short RT will be plague for non disney movies as RT score dosnt accurately tell which movie is bad, average or good.

Personally, I’m a little disappointed that We Got This Covered wasn’t listed as toxic and unprofessional along with our esteemed buddies across the web – looks like we’ve got some work to do. Y’know, I’ve got my own problems with Rotten Tomatoes (I’ve had to write to them on two occasions explaining that one of my reviews should be down as a ‘fresh’ rather than a ‘rotten’), but as a barometer of what professional critics are thinking, it’s difficult to beat.

Anyways, the current word is that the negative user reviews on The Last Jedi are the result of a targeted campaign to tank the film’s reputation as revenge for it supposedly furthering “the feminist agenda” that Poe Dameron and Luke Skywalker will be “turned gay,” and that men should regain their place as the rulers of society. This insightful critique was presumably only curtailed when mom angrily called them down to dinner for the third time.

So yeah, I think this is safely a petition to ignore. My recommendation for anyone who’s frothing mad that Star Wars: The Last Jedi didn’t conform to their headcanon, that there are women running around with lightsabers and that the film didn’t do justice to the toweringly dramatic figure of Supreme Leader Snoke (etc., etc.,) is to just chill out, get out of your bedroom once in a while and go chat up some girls/boys. Caring about pop culture is a fine thing, but maybe don’t make it the core of your identity?