‘Star Wars’ fans somehow find ‘Last Jedi’ plot hole they’ve never complained about before

Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker
Photo via DisneyPlus

When it comes to franchises, few get debated more than Star Wars. Since its creation, it has constantly been discussed, retconned, and re-tooled for fans and now, many are pondering an issue a new creator may be able to adjust in a future project down the line.

Specifically, a post on Reddit is begging the question of why Luke Skywalker spent so long in exile and did not bother to read the books filled with profound Jedi knowledge he brought along with him. For those unaware, the items are ultimately passed on to Rey in the Disney-determined canon and, for one, it makes sense and is realistic to the world we live in as, when looking around one’s home, there are plenty of things that can go unexplored over multiple years.

Later in the thread, another points out how the character was ultimately depressed and disillusioned with his past. Then, another says what is in the film is open to interpretation and, with other material, it does become more clear he did explore the material.

Others say the material in the seventh, eighth and ninth films should not be something people try to make sense of, and, because this is a franchise spanning multiple generations and tastes, not everyone is willing to just wave the likely oversight away.

Whether more live-action adventures with a de-aged Mark Hamill will come to be, remains to be seen. There is certainly potential for something on Disney Plus, or, at the least, a throwaway line in another series to satisfy the most anal Star Wars fans.