Star Wars: The Force Awakens Databank Details Confirm A Massive Plot Spoiler


Way back before any official information on J.J. Abrams’ Star Wars: The Force Awakens was released, one of the big rumors doing the rounds was that the story would once again hinge on the good guys trying to take out another “ultimate weapon” of the Empire – but one a lot more powerful than a Death Star.

This week, the Star Wars website updated its databanks with details on some of the minor characters/vehicles/locations that we’ll be seeing in the film, and they seem to have – inadvertently or otherwise – confirmed the above mentioned rumor by detailing the “Starkiller Base.”


Here’s the description they gave of the base:

An ice planet converted into a stronghold of the First Order and armed with a fiercely destructive new weapon capable of destroying entire star systems.

The ability to destroy a planet may be insignificant next the power of the force, but what about a whole bloody star system? Apparently, our Resistance fighters are going to have to contend with a much bigger threat than Luke and his pals did in the original trilogy. But hey, maybe the First Order built in a thermal exhaust port that will destroy the thing with a well aimed missile.

Wars: The Force Awakens will be with us on December 18th.

Source: CBM