Forces Of Destiny Comic Links Star Wars Rebels To The Battle Of Hoth


From the Battle of Endor to the Battle of Jakku, Disney and Lucasfilm’s rejuvenated Star Wars series is known and loved for its fierce, sweeping conflict.

But amid all the jaw-dropping spectacle, there’s one skirmish that has arguably cemented its place in history as the franchise’s most famous battle sequence yet: Hoth.

Yes, the bitter-cold ice planet, one which first appeared in Empire Strikes Back, has since become a fixture of Star Wars lore, but it turns out Hoth also shares some connective tissue with Star Wars Rebels, of all things. That’s according to a Forces of Destiny comic uncovered by Nerdist (with a tip of the hat to Screen Rant), revealing that Twi’lek rebel Hera Syndulla first encountered Han Solo and Leia Organa on the snow-covered rock.

It’s a small, fleeting cameo, as you’ll see Hera accompany Leia and the gang while on the back of a tauntaun:

So, there you have it; Rebels shares more DNA with the core Star Wars series than previously thought, which will only make it all the more difficult when its fourth and final season comes to a close. Further details on its expected arrival haven’t been disclosed just yet, but rest assured, the series finale of Star Wars Rebels will be with us before the year’s end.

Circling back to Disney’s live-action juggernaut, though, and now that The Last Jedi is playing everywhere (China included!), the Star Wars saga will continue with the launch of Ron Howard’s anthology pic, Solo: A Star Wars Story. Look for that one to drop on May 25th, at which point Lucasfilm will seemingly introduce a remodeled version of the famous Stormtrooper.