Star Wars: The Last Jedi To End On A Cliffhanger Similar To The Empire Strikes Back


Though J.J. Abrams’ Star Wars: The Force Awakens was very well received by a good majority of fans and most critics, one common complaint was that it was far too similar to A New Hope in terms of its structure and plot. Because of this, a lot of people are hoping that when we return to that galaxy far, far away for Star Wars: The Last Jedi, director Rian Johnson will deliver something we haven’t seen before.

Though it’s too soon to know if that’ll indeed be the case, we’ve been told on numerous occasions now, by numerous people, that the next chapter will be different from what’s come before and will not just be a carbon copy of The Empire Strikes Back. While that’s all well and good, fans still have their hesitations – and understandably so – and the latest report to tumble of the rumor mill certainly won’t help them feel any better.

That’s because YouTuber Mike Zeroh, who’s been a bit hit and miss with his scoops in the past – so take this with a grain of salt – is claiming that The Last Jedi will end in a manner similar to the iconic sequel from Irvin Kershner. According to him, the conclusion of the film will leave the fate of Kylo and Rey unknown, with the audience wondering where each of them is going. Not only that, but apparently there will also be many questions unanswered by the time the credits roll, which won’t be wrapped up until Episode IX.

So, while Star Wars: The Last Jedi may not draw as much from The Empire Strikes Back as The Force Awakens did from A New Hope, that cliffhanger ending, with a ton of unresolved plot threads, definitely sounds familiar to how the 1980 sequel finished off, which is sure to leave some people unhappy.

What do you think, though? Is an open-ended conclusion the way to go for the next chapter in the saga, or would you rather something a bit more definitive? Sound off in the usual place with your thoughts, and if you’re curious to know how Rey will appear in The Last JediDeviant Art user tyler-wetta has dreamed up a rather awesome fan poster (below) of the Jedi in training.

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