Star Wars: The Last Jedi And Han Solo Spinoff Are Skipping Comic-Con, Will Get BTS Reel At D23


With Star Wars: The Last Jedi quickly approaching, and Han Solo making headlines lately due to its production troubles, all eyes are on Disney’s mega franchise at the moment to see where it goes next. Comic-Con’s right around the corner now and it was thought that the Mouse House might be bringing some footage from one or even both of those aforementioned projects to the convention, but it appears that that’s not the case.

Both Rian Johnson’s entry into the main saga and the next Anthology film will be sitting out of Comic-Con this year, with neither movie getting a panel. This news, while disappointing, shouldn’t exactly come as much of a surprise. After all, Star Wars Celebration just took place a few months ago and we saw a ton from The Last Jedi there, while Han Solo is nowhere near ready to show off any footage yet given the troubles it’s having behind the scenes.

What’s more, though, is that the annual D23 Expo – an event put on by Disney – is taking place a week before Comic-Con, so it’d make sense to simply reveal anything new or noteworthy there instead. And while again, we don’t expect to see anything from Ron Howard’s spinoff, it sounds like Episode VIII will definitely have a presence at D23. Unfortunately though, it doesn’t look like we’ll be getting another trailer, but instead, Disney will be giving us the next best thing: a behind-the-scenes reel.

That’s according to Steven Weintraub of Collider, who noted that the studio may be bringing a BTS clip to D23 that’s similar to what we saw with both The Force Awakens and Rogue One. While we don’t imagine there will be anything too exciting or mind-blowing featured in the reel, it’ll still be good to get another look at The Last Jedi and should make the wait for the next trailer a bit easier. When that’ll be with us is still uncertain, but given that the film arrives in December, it shouldn’t be too much longer now.