Star Wars’ John Boyega Reacts To Marriage Proposal On Twitter

Star Wars

Star Wars actor and stormtrooper-turned-rebel John Boyega recently found himself in quite a situation when folks mistakenly thought that the actor had accepted the marriage proposal of a fan on Twitter.

Boyega played one of the main protagonists in Disney’s Sequel Trilogy and concluded his journey as Finn in The Rise of Skywalker late last year. Unlike his co-stars Daisy Ridley and Oscar Isaac, though, the actor has a strong presence on social media platforms, especially Twitter, where he usually engages with fans and even candidly discusses his opinions and thoughts on different matters. In fact, Boyega recently received a lot of buzz for his emotional speech amid the Black Lives Matter protests, prompting many industry leaders and companies to voice their support and praise the Pacific Rim: Uprising star.

But this time around, he’s caught the attention of tweeps without even knowing it. Apparently, a Star Wars fan was so entranced by the actor that she decided to share a video of herself proposing to him. Interestingly, a user thought it would be funny to create a convincing duplicate of Boyega’s profile and accept the offer. When the actor logged into his account again, he was surprised to see that everyone was talking about the fact that he had gotten engaged. Of course, as you’d expect, he handled the situation with class, as he usually does, saying:

“Pls why is the TL saying I’ve just accepted marriage proposal? Lol I’m here minding my own business oo,” he wrote on his feed.

Fans quickly caught on and decided to make fun of the situation, sending gifs and pictures of brides left at the altar. One fan even shared a gif of Homer Simpson in a wedding dress, waiting for his groom to be. This elicited another response from Boyega, who wrote:

“Nah, I’m outta here! Jeohvah be with you all!”

Luckily, the whole ordeal happened in a comedic manner and no one got hurt. If the Star Wars actor ever does decide to marry, though, we’re sure that the proposal wouldn’t take place on the internet.