Darth Malak Will Have A Big Role In Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic Movies

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

I can’t wait for the Knights of the Old Republic movies. With every Star Wars film to date taking place in and around the Skywalker Saga and Knights of the Old Republic set thousands of year before it, we should see the studio really flexing their imaginations. Right now, we only have a vague idea of what these movies will consist of, but our sources have said that Lucasfilm are looking to Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings for a bit of inspiration.

But one other tip we’ve gotten may shed some more light on the film’s central conflict. The same source that told us back in May that Obi-Wan would be announced over the summer with Ewan McGregor in the lead role has said that Darth Malak will play a big role in the movies. That name won’t mean much to fans of the Skywalker Saga, but it should to longtime gamers familiar with Star Wars titles, as Darth Malak was the villain of Knights of the Old Republic, an excellent 2003 RPG developed by Bioware and released on Xbox and PC.

In that game, he was the big bad, though towards the end it was revealed that your hero was in fact amnesiac Sith Lord Darth Revan and Malak was once your apprentice. If Lucasfilm really is using the game as a rough template for the film, expect it to revolve around growing Sith influence in the galaxy and the manipulation of the Star Forge, a space station that can instantly produce powerful armies.

If I were a betting man, then I’d expect Malak to be established as the big bad in the first movie of a trilogy, only to be killed in the finale and for the immensely powerful Darth Revan to dominate the rest of the Knights of the Old Republic films. Here’s hoping!