Star Wars: The Last Jedi Theory Attempts To Explain Snoke’s Backstory


Refusing to follow Kylo Ren’s instructions to let the past die and even kill it if you have to, a new fan theory has conjured up an origin story for Supreme Leader Snoke to paint his past before his untimely demise in Star Wars: The Last Jedi.  

But before you start rolling your eyes and thinking if we really need to know Snoke’s origins, consider this theory, which is enthralling for anyone who was left disappointed with the villain’s exit in Rian Johnson’s controversial film and was expecting some connections to the Original Trilogy and beyond.

It places Andy Serkis’ big bad as a promising young Jedi, who back in the day manages to evade Palpatine’s Order 66 in Revenge of the Sith. Taking exile as is the Jedi way, his cover is blown when Darth Vader, on his Jedi hunt, fights the Supreme Leader to a presumed death, burns his house to the ground and kills his wife and Force-sensitive child.

By the time his recuperation is complete, a scarred and disfigured Snoke only has Anakin Skywalker’s surviving family of Luke, Leia and Ben on whom to exact revenge and he slides his way into the First Order who do his leg work for him, with a manipulated Kylo Ren as his red right hand.

This theory brings the evidence by way of noting the similar skull scars that both Vader and Snoke share, suggesting a parallel and a relationship between the two. He also seems to have a pure hatred for Kylo Ren that stretches far beyond tough love and openly mocks his obsession with the aforementioned Vader.

For more, here’s a complete rundown of all the evidence put forth:

  • Because Snoke and Vader shared a similar scar on their head I always thought that was a way to let the audience know they were related (in screenplay writing that’s called a “Parallel”), so that was the initial inspiration for this theory.

  • Snoke seems to hate Kylo, I know any dark-sided Master tends to go for the tough love way but it seems like Snoke actually hates Kylo, maybe having trouble hiding his hatred do to PTSD since any Skywalker would be a trigger.

  • Although Snoke’s dialog is short so far in the franchise it can be fair to describe some of it as mocking Kylo Ren for trying to look like Vader.

  • Snoke can so far be described as a force user that evidently survived something and now is focusing on 2 things: to conquer the galaxy and to manipulating Ben Skywalker into killing the Skywalker family.

Of course, chances are we’ll never actually find out what Snoke’s motivations were, but this certainly seems like a well thought out theory that adds weight to the narrative of Star Wars: The Last Jedi and the franchise as a whole, don’t you think?