Star Wars: The Last Jedi Promo Material Teases A Shocking Reveal


Though we do know a few bits and pieces about the plot of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, any specific story details outside of what we learned from the first trailer for the movie are still under wraps. That’s something Disney and Lucasfilm are obviously hoping will continue until they’re good and ready to divulge some more details, but a Japanese promotional flyer for the film may have beaten them to it.

The leaflet popped up over on Star Wars News Net, who’ve also provided a rough English translation of what it says. Some of the plot points are common knowledge by now, but there are also a few intriguing new teases relating to General Leia’s mission, Kylo Ren completely giving himself over to the dark side and more. Most interesting, however, is the promise that “the most shocking truth in Star Wars history” will be revealed in The Last Jedi.

There weren’t any further details given, but The Force Awakens certainly raised a few questions that fans desperately want answered (Rey’s parentage, the true identity of Snoke, Luke’s role in the Jedi decimation). However, can any of them really compare with Darth Vader’s “I am your father” reveal from The Empire Strikes Back? In all honesty, probably not, but hey, a little hype and exaggeration is all part and parcel of movie marketing, right?

Tell us, what do you think this “shocking truth” relates to? Could it be something that none of the fan theories have even touched on yet, perhaps? We’ll no doubt learn some more about this before Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits theaters in December, but until then, feel free to share your thoughts down below.

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