That Star Wars: The Last Jedi Teaser Has Left Us With Crait Expectations


The rumor mill once more proves to be worth paying attention to.

Last week, we reported that the climactic battle in Star War: The Last Jedi would take place on the planet Crete, which was described as a “giant salt flat with stretches of large volcanic rocks.” Well, we were wrong about the spelling – it’s ‘Crait’ rather than ‘Crete’ – but other than that, the rumor has turned out to be accurate.

One of the most striking images in the film’s first teaser, which was released yesterday, showcases the new planet, giving us a wide shot of crafts speeding across the white plain, kicking up clouds of red dust behind them.

Crait in The Last Jedi

If these rumors continue to pan out, the Resistance and First Order will be battling over a mine that produces valuable gems, with its potential destruction/capture acting as a major blow for General Organa’s forces. Further reports say that the battle is to feature gigantic Gorilla walkers: huge armed high-tech monster machines that’ll make the clunky old AT-ATs look even more dinosauric than they already do.

Either way, the shot of Crait in the trailer is a striking visual moment in what might be one of the most visually dynamic Star Wars films to date, coming a close second to that stunning shot of rocks gently levitating around Rey’s hand as she presumably learns how to channel the Force. The prospect of a full-on ground battle between the elite forces of The First Order and whatever the ragtag Resistance can cobble together is an exciting prospect and certainly bodes well for Star War: The Last Jedi being a visual extravaganza, if nothing else.

I think a trip to the IMAX theatre on December 15th might be in order…