Star Wars Legend Mark Hamill Sends Heartfelt Birthday Message To Daisy Ridley


Yesterday saw Star Wars Sequel Trilogy lead Daisy Ridley celebrate her 27th birthday, and in recognition of this occasion, her onscreen mentor Mark Hamill took to Twitter with a heartfelt message.

While the Luke Skywalker actor didn’t make any direct reference to Ridley’s special day, he did have a few kind words for his co-star, commending her in particular for her willingness to give piggyback rides:

“SHOUT OUT to DAISY RIDLEY for no particular reason- other than being a fabulous actor, the sweetest of souls, someone who thoughtfully goes out of her way to return lost items & is more than generous with her complimentary piggy-back rides. U- mh  #DarlingDaisy”

That “lost items” comment was seemingly a nod to Luke and Rey’s first encounter on the planet Ahch-To at the end of The Force Awakens, when she returned the Skywalker lightsaber to its most famous owner.

As you may recall, Hamill’s character wasn’t particularly pleased to see his old weapon again, though the pair still managed to form a close bond over the course of The Last Jedi. And though Luke passed away at the end of Rian Johnson’s flick, there’s still every chance of a reunion later this year in Star Wars: Episode IX.

As it stands, Hamill is keeping quiet about J.J. Abrams’ upcoming flick, and especially his role in the Sequel Trilogy finale. Nonetheless, with Star Wars Celebration launching today, a few details are likely just around the corner. In particular, it’s expected that tomorrow will see the premiere of the film’s first trailer at a panel attended by Abrams. And unless Lucasfilm unveils the official title in the next few hours, it’s likely that this reveal is also being saved for tomorrow’s event.

But regardless of what the coming days bring, we still have a good few months ahead of us before Star Wars: Episode IX finally hits theaters on December 20th, 2019.

Source: Twitter