Star Wars Theory Says The Mandalorian May Reveal Palpatine’s Fate In The Rise Of Skywalker

Emperor Palpatine

The Mandalorian, which served as a launch title for Disney’s streaming platform, has received a warm critical and audience reception so far by giving us a fresh taste of the Star Wars universe wherein the dilemmas of the millennial-long conflict between the Jedi and the Sith come second to what a bounty hunter must do to survive.

But the exploits of Dyn Jarren (played by Pedro Pascal) as an infamous gunfighter were not the only things that grabbed fans’ attention and dropped many jaws in the first episode. The surprise ending of the premiere left a lot of people speculating about the implications of announcing a certain character in a galaxy far far away.

At the end of the first episode, titled “Chapter One,” we learn that Jarren has been hired to kill an infant from the same species as Yoda, but refuses to do so in the last moment. Now, as any hardcore fan could tell you, there aren’t any creatures like Yoda in Star Wars. In fact, George Lucas has always wanted to leave the origins of Yoda shrouded in mystery.

Moreover, fans used to believe that Yoda was the last of his kind. So, barring any unexpected twists that could take him out of the narrative, it’s safe to assume that the baby will play a critical role in The Mandalorian. 

But here’s what we want to know: Will the new character, who’s unnamed as of yet, also play a role in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker? Well, according to a new theory, this Yoda-like creature could also feature in the last movie of the saga as a Force-sensitive master and bring about the means to Palpatine’s demise.

Considering the fact that the evil Sith Lord is back once again to terrorize the galaxy, it would stand to reason that Rey and Kylo will need all the help they can get to defeat him once and for all. So, what if this species are all gifted immensely in the ways of the Force, just like Yoda was?

Sure, we may be stretching our imagination a little wildly here, but if this infant survives the events of The Mandalorian, it’s not out of the question that we’ll see him appear again in the last movie of the Skywalker Saga.