Incredible 15-Foot Mural Celebrates 40 Years Of Star Wars


2017 was a very special year for the illustrious Star Wars saga.

Between The Last Jedi‘s release and news of a whole new trilogy coalescing under Rian Johnson, Lucasfilm offered fans a sneak peek behind the curtain to confirm that, yes, the future is very bright for that galaxy far, far away.

But 2017 also signalled the 40th anniversary of A New Hope, which is still very much considered to be ground zero of the ongoing Skywalker Saga as we approach the currently untitled Episode IX. Talk about greatness from small beginnings.

And in an attempt to commemorate that legacy, artist James Raiz (h/t io9) spent 450 hours rendering what is perhaps the most impressive – most detailed, most overwhelmingly beautiful – Star Wars mural that we’ve seen. And let’s face it, there have been quite a few since George Lucas launched his spacefaring game-changer back in 1977.

Included in the gallery above are two behind-the-scenes shots that help bring the scale of Raiz’s projects into perspective. As a matter of fact, those 450 hours were spread out over a nine-month period, and the end result is a 15-foot beauty that deserves to be framed and displayed proudly for all to see.

The first seven episodes of Star Wars – along with Rogue One – are featured in the mural, which isn’t all that surprising when you consider that Raiz was still hard at work creating his masterpiece when The Last Jedi hit theaters back in December. If you’re curious, the Star Wars super-fan also shared a making-of video that sheds light on the incredible amount of detail that went into every character – every ship, every lightsaber – that’s featured up above.

Source: James Raiz