Star Wars Novel Claims Luke Is Able To Down Entire Star Destroyers


The Legends of Luke Skywalker continue to awe and inspire.

Ken Liu’s newly-unveiled Star Wars novel, which presents a series of myths and tall-tales involving Mark Hamill’s Jedi Master, is available to pick up from today, November 1st, and it may well include some insight into Luke’s breathtaking abilities.

However, it’s important to stress that while Liu’s book is considered canon, all of its stories are told through the lens of a cargo crew bound for Canto Bight – the same city in which Finn and Rose begin their “dark mission” during Star Wars: The Last Jedi. As such, The Legends of Luke Skywalker shouldn’t be viewed as gospel, but Ken Liu’s tie-in novel still makes for interesting reading.

And so, after linking Luke Skywalker with the Battle of Jakku, YouTube channel Star Wars Theory recently uncovered some new details from the pages of Liu’s scripture which claim that Mark Hamill’s wayward Jedi is able to down entire Star Destroyers using only the Force. Remember those sun-kissed metal corpses scattered across the Jakku desert? Turns out Luke may have been the one responsible for bringing the Empire’s fleet out of the sky.

At least, that’s the latest tall-tale currently swirling around The Last Jedi. This extract below, which comes to us by way of the Daily Express, chronicles the moment when a member of the Galactic Empire bears witness to Luke’s devastating power.

The bridge went dark. The overhead lights, the view screens, the blinking lights on the banks of consoles. Even the emergency lighting strips on the floor. All around us was the darkness of space…I saw that the bridge windows were rapidly filling with expanding columns of energy… A jolt, as if the entire Star Destroyer had been picked up by a giant hand and slammed against the ground. The ship slowed, drifted, stopped and then the stark lifeless surface of Jakku swung into view, filling the windows, and we fell, we fell.

The finer details of Luke Skywalker’s self-imposed exile remain stowed away in the Lucasfilm vaults, so it’s impossible to know for sure what transpired between Empire and The Force Awakens. And though we find it hard to believe that Luke has become a one-man doomsday weapon since besting Emperor Palpatine, this is another fun rumor to add to the ever-growing pile.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi, meanwhile, shoots for theaters on December 15th.