Star Wars’ Oscar Isaac Becomes Hush In New Fan Art For The Batman


After months of speculation, anticipation, and plenty of rumors, it seems some concrete information regarding Matt Reeves’ The Batman has finally come to light. In the midst of several outlets reporting on the casting of Robert Pattinson, Warner Bros. finally broke their silence a couple of weeks ago, confirming that the Twilight star would indeed be taking on the role of the Caped Crusader.

Shortly after, we began hearing news of the film’s suite of villains – one of our industry insiders revealed Batman would be facing off against Penguin, Riddler, Catwoman, and Firefly. Similarly, a handful of other websites began reporting that both Two-Face and the Mad Hatter would be joining the fray, confirming some rumors we’d heard for ourselves.

It’s worth noting though that from the time an original script is completed until filming wraps, there are plenty of opportunities for plotlines and characters to be revised or completely written out. Needless to say, don’t be surprised if some of your favorite baddies don’t make the final cut. Speaking of which, one fan – talented digital artist William Gray – has created some rather impressive art, which showcases Star Wars actor Oscar Isaac as Hush.

If you haven’t heard of this particular character, we don’t blame you. To date, he’s never made an appearance in a live-action Batman film, though he has been heavily featured in the comics, along with a few video games.

Hush, real name Thomas Elliot, is perhaps best known for being the mastermind in the Batman: Hush comic book arc. Elliot’s a renowned brain surgeon who constantly obscured his identity by altering his face using plastic surgery. He held a long-standing grudge against Bruce Wayne (despite being childhood friends), and eventually teamed up with The Riddler (manipulating several other baddies along the way) to finally take down the Caped Crusader.

Personally, we’d love to see Hush make an appearance in The Batman (or any live-action film, for that matter), but given that his character motivations are centered around a long history with Bruce Wayne, we won’t be holding our breath – theatrical/over-the-top villains seem to take precedence, it seems. That being said, he will be featured in the upcoming cartoon adaptation of Batman: Hush, which is sure to please longtime fans.