Star Wars Rebels Finale Reveals Connections To Original Trilogy


After four seasons, Star Wars Rebels came to an end last night, as the triple-length finale brought the adventures of the Ghost crew to a close. Going into the last episodes, fans were waiting to find out just how the show would explain why the band of intrepid heroes were never seen during the events of the Original Trilogy and in the end, Rebels delivered a neat way to reveal what the crew got up to during that period.

By the conclusion of the episode, Ezra Bridger and his friends had finally completed their goal of freeing Lothal from the clutches of the Empire. What’s more, they did it with surprisingly little help from the Rebel Alliance. When they consider calling the Rebellion for backup, the crew look back at what they’ve done only by relying on each other. We can infer, then, that the group decide to remain outside the Alliance, completing missions on their own. Hence why we never saw them in the major conflicts depicted in Episodes IV-VI.

That said, the finale did confirm that a couple of the characters directly link into the events of the movies. For one, a flash-forward jumped ahead to the aftermath of Return of the Jedi and revealed that both Hera Syndulla and Rex took part in the Battle of Endor.

Rebels Rex Return of the Jedi

This makes a lot of sense for Hera, as Rogue One previously dropped an easter egg that told us the character becomes a Rebel general. What’s more, fans have long thought that Rex turns up in Return, as one extra looks a lot like the animated character. Now, it seems we may have an answer.

All in all, the Rebels finale didn’t tie up all the loose ends with a neat little bow like fans might have wanted, but it did give us a few satisfying nods to the films that allow us to join the dots ourselves. Not to mention it dropped a few breadcrumbs for the expected follow-up series to pick up on.

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