Disney Debuts 17 New Photos Of Star Wars: Rise Of The Resistance


Rise of the Resistance may sound like an alternative title for the soon-to-be-released Episode IX (which we now know to be The Rise of Skywalker), but instead its the stunning new star attraction at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

Disney’s show-stopping theme park may not have set the world alight in the way investors would have hoped, but with Rise of the Resistance due to open at Disney’s Hollywood Studios tomorrow, December 5th (January 17th for the main Disneyland park), there will surely be an uptick in attendance.

You need only look at today’s newly-unveiled images from Rise of the Resistance (h/t Collider), showcasing wall-to-wall props and Star Wars-inspired animatronics that are sure to make any fan go weak at the knees. There’s also confirmation that Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, and Oscar Isaac all appear throughout the experience in some shape or form, while the fleet of 50 Stormtroopers is already being hailed as the true stand-out.

If you’re wanting to find out a little more about what Rise of the Resistance entails, Disney lifted the preview embargo earlier today, meaning the Internet is populated with all sorts of analysis, scene-by-scene breakdowns, and early reviews of what is undoubtedly one of, if not the most ambitious Star Wars attractions on the planet.

Mark the calendars and prepare for a truly speculator journey to a galaxy far, far away. Disney’s Rise of the Resistance makes its grand debut at Hollywood Studios tomorrow, December 5th, before expanding to Disneyland early next year.

Sandwiched in between those two openings is a little-known blockbuster by the name of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, which seeks to bring closure to Lucasfilm’s Skywalker Saga – a saga spanning 42 years and nine movies – on December 20th.

Source: Collider