Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker Concept Art Reveals Detailed Look At Sith Dagger

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

Going back to things that didn’t make a whole lot of sense in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, some new concept art gives us a detailed look at the Sith Dagger.

After the gang of Resistance heroes found Ochi of Bestoon’s corpse, they came upon an ancient artifact of the Sith; a dagger that’d lead them to the location of the last Sith Wayfinder. Of course, with Threepio not being able to translate runes on the knife, the crew of the Millenium Falcon had to take a detour and override his protocols. Ultimately, the droid revealed that the Sith Wayfinder was in the Imperial Vault on Death Star II.

The ruins of the planet-killing space station were found on one of Endor’s orbiting moons. There, Rey used the dagger to locate the vault, making up one of the movie’s nonsensical plot elements. How did the dagger show the way to the vault? How did the Sith create this artifact, knowing that the Death Star would be destroyed and its ruins would shape just in the right way for someone to find the vault using the dagger?

Well, now that the official novelization is out and even that fails to address this particular error, I guess we’re not going to find the answer to these questions any time soon. Still, the dagger looked pretty cool and served as an elaborate plot tool for the last movie in the Skywalker Saga. But if you were wondering about what went behind the design process, concept artist Matthew Savage recently took to Instagram to share some models of it which give us a more in-depth look.

While the dagger was a bit too convenient for our taste, it did help the Resistance locate the last Sith Wayfinder, even if Kylo Ren destroyed it in the next scene. All’s well that ends well, right? As Rey used Kylo’s very own Wayfinder from the movie’s opening act to lead the Resistance to Exegol.

At any rate, this was yet another one of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker‘s controversial plot elements that made us wonder if Abrams and Chris Terrio had enough time to really flesh out the narrative.

Tell us, though, what are your thoughts on the Sith artifact in the context of the movie? Share them with us in the usual place below.