Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker Leak Offers New Look At The Knights Of Ren


UPDATE: These images have been removed at the request of LEGO.

One of the most reliable sources of leaks when it comes to major movies are LEGO sets. Over the years, we’ve seen leaks that have hinted at storylines and characters in all manner of Marvel movies, and many interesting peeks at what’s in upcoming Star Wars films. And as it turns out, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is no exception.

Two weeks ago, a leak of some LEGO minifigs gave us a look at what we might expect from the mysterious Knights of Ren. That glimpse provided us with simply their head, but now a fresh drop – seen down below – gives us a look at the full figurine, along with a few other minor characters from the movie.

As expected, the Knights of Ren appear to follow the same basic fashion sense as Kylo Ren. And, as Ren’s a big-time stan for Darth Vader, they continue on with his black-garbed, hooded and helmeted ways.

What’s interesting about this are the weapons painted on the front of the top figurine, which appear to include a bandolier of thermal detonators and, excitingly, what looks like a lightsaber. Whether they come packing a saber or not, you can bet that these guys are going to be some of the fiercest opposition our heroes have faced to date, and should give Rey a real workout of her new skills.

The rest of the set, meanwhile, is a little less exciting. There’s a slightly redesigned First Order Stormtrooper in classic white, some kind of red and gold themed helmeted figure that looks pretty plain and an aquamarine astromech droid. If we had to guess, these are probably filler characters designed to populate the background of the LEGO sets they’re sold in.

While these leaks are certainly intriguing, here’s hoping that it won’t be too long before we get another trailer for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. After all, the movie’s released on December 20th, so expect the marketing machine to kick into full swing beginning in the Fall.

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